Psychotherapy is a private process that often involves discussion of very sensitive issues and legally and ethically, you have the right to confidentiality. Without your explicit consent, I am prevented by law from discussing information you share during your sessions with anyone or even the fact that you are seeking services.

Knowing and trusting that anything you say will be safely contained in the therapeutic space is essential to meaningful therapy.  

The exceptions to the limits of confidentiality are as follows:

•   Confidentiality may be broken if you are believed to be a danger to yourself or to others. I may be required to break confidentiality in order to protect you or the person(s) you are threatening to harm to.

•   I am legally mandated to report reasonable suspicion of child, elder, or dependent adult abuse or neglect.

A court may compel me to testify about what is discussed in therapy if court-ordered to do so

•   Your therapy records may be made available should your attorney introduce issues in court relevant to why you are seeking services.

•   Your insurance company may receive detailed information regarding your therapy if they are requesting this as a condition of reimbursement.

•   Please feel free to ask questions and inquire about your rights to a confidential process.


Your first session forms will be emailed to you after our initial phone consultation. Please bring these forms completed to your first appointment. Feel free to ask questions about the paperwork as well. We will go over the forms during our first appointment.