If you are in an emergency that may threaten your own safety or the safety of those around you, please call 911 immediately and visit your local emergency room. If you are experiencing this with a child or teen, please do the same.

 There are many free resources you can use in an emergency, some national, others local. Resources listed here are not listed as endorsements.

The following list presents some examples both locally: 

If you live in Sacramento County:

• County of Sacramento Department of Health & Human Services

24 hours/7 days at (916) 732-3637

• Child Abuse

24-hour hot line: (916) 875-KIDS

• Senior or Dependent Adult Abuse

Telephone: (916) 874-9377

• Suicide Prevention Crisis Line

Telephone: (916) 368-3111

• Mental Health Crisis Intervention

If you believe there is a mental health crisis situation, contact the Crisis center staff at: (888) 881-4881.

• Domestic Violence

Telephone: (916) 920-2952

• Mental Health Crisis Respite Center TLCS

(916) 737-7483

Mobile Crisis Support Team (Bilingual and BI-cultural services are available at no cost)

(916) 874-5067

Dispatch hours: Tu-Fri 9am to 7pm; Follow up: M-F 9am to 5pm

• Wellspace

916-368-3111 or text the word 'hope' to 916-668-4226

If you live in Placer County:

For at-risk children and/or adults in emergencies and crises situations, a special 24-hour, 7-day a week, response program is available by contacting the ACCESS office at one of the telephone numbers listed below.

•   ACCESS Office: (916) 787-8860

•   Adult Protective Services: (916) 787-8860

•   Family and Children's Services: 916-872-6549 or 866-293-1940 - Toll Free

•   Mental Health Services/Crisis Intervention: (916) 787-8860; Toll Free: (888) 886-5401

•   Wellspace: 916-368-3111 or text the word 'hope' to 916-668-4226  

Other Resources (Free National Sources): 

•   National Domestic Violence Hotline


•   National Help line for men and boys for domestic abuse (created by a company in Ireland)

(M: 10am-6pm; T: 12pm-8pm; W: 10am-6pm; Th: 12pm-8pm; F: 2pm -6pm)


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


•   National Child Abuse Hotline


•   Crisis Text Hotline for Teens and Adults (

741741 (text HOME in the USA) or 1-877-565-8860 or 686868 (Canada)

•   Transgender Suicide Hotline


• Disaster Distress Hotline (for first responders)

Call 1-800-985-5990 or text ‘TalkWithUs’ to 66746

•Sacramento Wellness- Mental Health Resources in the greater Sacramento Area

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